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The Rhino Concepts

The Rhino ConceptHe may not look like an athlete, and he may seem quiet, but make no mistake: the Rhino is a very agile animal.

One of the five species, the black Rhino, reaches 64 km/h! In nature, they have no predators and the only one capable of capturing an adult and killing him is man.

They walk in small groups, with up to ten and put anyone who gets in their way to run.

They form a circle with their horns facing forward and defend themselves by shredding everything they see.


Similarly, Nova Fase Startups Rhino  are not the intangible unicorns that occasionally arise due to a timely market reality. Rhino startups are focused in the demands of the market jungle, working together and adding immediate real value to the interests of large industrial parks, creating solutions, generating jobs and meeting all the requirements of innovation, agility and delivery, with scalable and sustainable products and services, integrating a strong financial and social long term reliability.


The Rhino Concept


The Startups Rhino

We have brought 10 startups with products and services focused on the island’s demands, based on innovation, scalability, sustainability and high capacity to leave a huge legacy for Puerto Rico.