Startups Acceleration in Puerto Rico

Bi-annual Program P18 (next on Oct, 2018)

Shareholding Composition & Preparation for Sale

Tax Planning

Opening of Holding Company in Puerto Rico


Nova Fase aims to internationalize the activities performed by the Brazilian startups selected in its Startups NFTech Internationalization Program*. Through its partnership with the Brazil-Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and the state-owned Puerto Rico accelerator, Parallel 18, Brazilian startups have access to the American market with all the security and reliability of one of the largest hubs in the world:

  • Aerospace and Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • Tourism and Hospitality;
  • Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry, among others.

With attractive prices ranging from the very low taxes applied on the island, whose values can vary from 4% to 0% on startup profits, to the exceptional infrastructure base – telecom, transportation, urban mobility, safety, health, etc. – every startup receives contributions that reach US$75k over its acceleration period at Parallel 18, without the Equity requirement.